How can I earn Gourdy points in the rewards program?

You can earn Gourdy points for all sorts of activities! To get started, you need a registered account. Once you're signed in, visit the rewards panel on your account page ( click here to visit your account page). Open up the rewards panel and select "Earn Points" to get started.

Points for Purchases

When you shop at, you automatically earn 5 points for every dollar you spend. These points can really add up!

Follow us on Social Media

You can earn up to 75 points by checking out our social media. Each of the following actions can earn you 25 points:

  • Like us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Follow us on Instagram

To earn these points, visit the rewards panel on your account page and select "Earn Points"; The links on this page will take you to our social media and verify that you've followed or liked us.

Visit our Store

Once a day, you can earn 10 points just for visiting Be sure to log in so we can keep track of your visits.

Write a product review

Once a month you can earn 25 points by leaving a product review. Be sure to use the same email address on your review that you use for your account.

Happy Birthday!

Be sure to add your birthday to your customer account when you register - you get 100 points every year as a present!

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