How can I sign up for the AtmosFAN Awards program?

To get started with AtmosFAN Awards, all you need you is a registered account. Registering a new account will earn you 100 points automatically!

If you're having trouble logging in, or if you haven't registered your account yet, please visit the article "I can't log in to my account!" for more information.

Once you're signed in to your AtmosFX account, click on the "AtmosFAN Awards" button at the bottom right of your screen. It looks like this:

The new-and-improved AtmosFX Awards program features multiple awards tiers, which allow you to earn more points than ever. Tier upgrades are determined by your lifetime Kudos, which means your Kudos still count towards your awards tier even if they are exchanged for awards. Higher tiers earn you more Kudos and special gifts! 

  • Star Decorator: 0 - 500 lifetime Kudos
  • All-Star Decorator: 501 - 3000 Lifetime Kudos
  • Superstar Decorator: 3001+ Lifetime kudos

You can trade in your Kudos for lots of exciting awards like discounts, free decorations, and free AtmosFX gear. For a complete list, click on the "All Rewards" button in your AtmosFAN Awards toolbar:

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