How far away should I place my AtmosKIT Plus projector?

All of our AtmosFX Projector Kits include a ViewSonic projector, either the M1miniPlus or the M1+. Both projectors have the following throw specifications:

  • Throw Ratio: 1.2:1 (1.2 feet from screen creates an image 1 foot wide)
  • Range of distance: 28.8 inches (closest) to 120 inches (farthest)
  • Projection Size Width: 24 inches (smallest) to 100 inches wide (largest)

Using the Throw Ratio information, it’s easy to calculate how large your projection size will be depending on the placement of your projector. For example, here is a table which shows how wide your projected image will be based on the distance between your projector and the projection surface. 

Projection Distance
(Space Between Projector and Surface)
Projection Size Width
(Width of the Projected Image)
Projection Size Height
(Height of the Projected Image, Approximate)
2.4 Feet of Distance 2.0 Feet Wide 1.125 Feet High
4 Feet of Distance 3.333 Feet Wide 1.875 Feet High
6 Feet of Distance 5.0 Feet Wide 2.8125 Feet High
7.2 Feet of Distance 6.0 Feet Wide 3.375 Feet High
8.5 Feet of Distance 7.0 Feet Wide 3.9 Feet High
10 Feet of Distance 8.4 Feet Wide 4.7 Feet High
For more details about projector placement which apply to any projector, please visit the following article:
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