What do I need to play digital downloads?

Digital downloads can work on many different types of devices.

Before ordering your decorations, it's important to know how digital downloads will work with your particular decorating tools.

Will Digital Downloads Work on My Computer?

Digital downloads work on any operating system. Whether you have Windows, Mac, or even Linux, you can use digital downloads.

All you need to download your decorations is a reliable internet connection and some free storage space. Digital downloads can range from a few hundred megabytes (MB) for a single scene, to over 6 gigabytes (GB) for a complete collection.

Digital downloads arrive in compressed .zip files. Almost every computer includes pre-installed software to open these files. All you need to do is double-click. Once decompressed, the video files are in .mp4 format.

Downloading on mobile devices is not recommended. For more information on that topic, please visit this article: 

Can I use my phone or tablet to access digital downloads?

Will Digital Downloads Work on My Projector/TV?

Playing AtmosFX digital downloads on any projector or TV requires the following features/settings:

  • Can accept a storage media like USB or SD card
  • Can play .mp4 files, which is the video format we use for digital downloads
  • Has a "repeat" or "loop" function to continuously play the decorations

If your TV or projector does not have one or more of these features, you can still use digital downloads by connecting video inputs on your TV or projector to another device which can play digital downloads. 

Remember, if you are having issues with your projector, TV, or other device, please contact the manufacturer. AtmosFX loves helping out our fellow decorators, but non-AtmosFX products are outside of our expertise. Contacting your product manufacturer, or visiting their online support forums, is the best way to get solutions for using your non-AtmosFX devices.

Can I burn digital downloads to a DVD?

Burning digital downloads to a DVD is  not recommended. Your digital download files are HD (high definition) quality. Burning to a DVD will reduce the quality to SD (standard definition).

Burning your video files to a disc is a complicated process. In order to play the decorations a DVD player, you will need special DVD writing software. Simply copying the .mp4 files to a disc will not provide you with a DVD player compatible disc. There is huge variety of DVD writing software for different operating systems on the market, so AtmosFX can not recommend specific DVD writing software.

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